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We are Lend A Helping Hand – A social enterprise set up to help other social enterprises. 

We work hand in hand with small social change organisations on whatever problems are hindering the next step-change for them.

That means we help pivot business models, review revenue streams, improve innovative strategies and add in systems that actually fit your growing team. 

But we don’t just come in, solve your problem and leave – we support you to resource yourselves so next time you don’t need our help. You have the skills and people around you to solve it yourself and maybe even lend a helping hand to others facing the same problems.

Our triple A values: adaptable, authentic and affordable are the common thread throughout all our work – we aim to make life easier for you all round by lending a helping hand where you need it most. 

Problem Solving

This is bespoke help tailored to what you and your organisation need. It might be around strategy, people, finance and numbers, innovation or systems.

See our menu of training and workshops for leaders and doers, or ask us to create something new for your whole team. Facilitating strategic team days is our thing.

People are important, making sure your organisation is properly resourced is hard – we want to help connect doers with organisations and support. Our events and connection services will do just that!

Agony Aunt sessions for social entrepreneurs, accountability calls, action learning sets, ‘think weeks’ & focus days. We do our best to provide on-going support and to make it accessible to keep you moving.

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