Over the past 6 years of working with social change leaders, we’ve seen some things come up over and over. So we decided to make it easy for leaders and turn them into pay as you book workshops. The team are experienced facilitators both online and in person having delivered for numerous training organisations including (but not limited to). The School for Social Entrepreneurs. Universities. Local VCS infrastructure organisations. Oxentia, and others. All workshops will be run twice- once online and once in person in locations across Devon.

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Team and Strategy Days

It is amazing what a difference getting your team all together in one place can make. It increases cohesion and connectedness. Which in turn helps with staff morale and productivity. It is fairly impossible to run the day, take part, and really listen to what’s being said. Which really impacts how useful this time is to a company. 

We provide bespoke strategy days for your business needs, designed with you and your team. We will always use engaging facilitation techniques with minimal powerpoints and maximum reflection time.

Our job is to make sure that you make the most of your precious time. And help you to get the most from those rare occasions you all get together. 

We aim to keep this support as affordable as possible for social change organisations- you will only ever be charged for the time used and we offer this on a sliding scale.

Single Day rates

£300 Day Rate over £100,000 turnover

£250 Day Rate £25,000-£100,000 turnover

£200 Day Rate <£25,000 turnover

We offer discounts for longer projects. So don’t be scared to tell us what you can afford to pay, we are always happy to do what we can to make it work for you.

We have some pro-bono days each year to organisations with significant needs but less significant funds.

Residential Opportunities

Chloe has facilitated a number of residential training programmes, enabling leaders to really dig deep into their organisation. 

Legacy Leaders will be a new three day residential for 15 social change leaders of Small-Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs). Allowing them put in place practical succession plans to safeguard the future of their organisation. It is ideal for over stretched leadership teams who worry about how the organisation would continue if they were taken away from operations. 

The three day residential will be held away from distractions. The scenario will allow participants to meet with other leaders, develop strategies and process some of the big questions. 

What happens if I get ill suddenly? Who will carry this important work on if I run out of steam? What systems and protocols do we need so my team can continue business as usual without me? How do I mitigate the risks of being that single point of failure? How do I get all the things I’m holding in my head onto paper when there is limited time and money?

Eligible organisations will have been operating over 3 years, have less than 10 employees, and an income under £500,000.  

A key value of Lend a Helping Hand is to prioritise supporting people who are confronting social inequity; this will be part of the application process for people to self-identify. The residential will be free for leaders to access, there will be a £50 refundable deposit to ensure attendance.

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