About Us

Lend A Helping Hand is the brainchild of Chloe Tingle. Passionate about fairness and equity from a young age she’s been developing an idea to help build resilience for social change leaders and help the sector thrive for a while… 

In this capitalist, consumerism filled society it can be easy to feel like no one gets it and nothing will change. It is important to share what you have, use your skills and resources wisely. By supporting many different social change leaders and doers we hope to have a ripple effect and wide systemic impact. Lend A Helping Hand is a social enterprise (we’re a not for profit C.I.C). We aim to be fair- fair to the people who work with us by paying them a decent wage and allowing them to work flexibly. And fair to the organisations who pay us to work for them. 

We do that by really listening to what they need and being generous with our knowledge and support. Whether it’s one to one with a founder, facilitating a quarterly strategy day or running an upskilling training course- the people driving social change are our priority. If you’re wondering what some of those terms mean then have a little look at our explanation page.

We have a variety of ways to support you and your organisation. We mainly work remotely so we don’t mind where you are based but if you want to meet up face-to-face we are based in South Devon and happy to travel* 

*we do have a little rule that meetings need to be at least 1.5x the amount of time it takes to travel there though

The People
Photo of Chloe in the sunshine
Headshot of Jess with a funny face

Name: Chloe Tingle
Role: Founder and Head Helper
About me:

Fresh out of University, She launched her own not-for-profit social enterprise no more taboo which she ran for five years. Learning through trial and error what works and what doesn’t work when growing an enterprise from an idea to a small, well known brand doing business for good and creating social change. Curiosity about ‘doing business for good’ drew her to the School for Social Entrepreneurs (SSE), firstly as a student and later becoming a facilitator, supporting over 200 social enterprise leaders to grow their ideas since first joining SSE in 2016.

She now lives and works in South Devon. Having freelanced and volunteered with a whole host of different social enterprises. She has met a number of founders who needed support to grow their organisation or are burnt out and unable to progress. She’s also met a huge number of skilled people who want to help make social change but don’t know where to start or aren’t being given the space to thrive in their current role. Lend a Helping Hand is her idea to bring these people together and remove barriers to accessing support as a leader. And to upskill people so that organisations don’t have to burn out their leaders and then shut-down. She has a vision to keep knowledge, learning, skills and expertise within the sector by growing sustainable, effective teams that can solve problems and take action.

Name: Jess Holliland
Role: Non Exec Director and a helping hand
About me:

Jess runs her own consultancy helping people with their plans to make the world a better place. Jess is an experienced coach, consultant and facilitator – turning their hand wherever it’s going to make the most impact for the changemakers and heroes they work with.

Jess discovered social purpose business after moving to Devon 16 years ago and has never looked back. Working with charities, solo-preneurs, start ups, and large organisations to help them unravel their issues, unblock their creative problem solving abilities, and achieve their ambitions. The joy for Jess is really in seeing people realise that they have all the power they need to make things happen. As a bit of a wordy human, there is also a real passion for helping people tell their story really well so everyone else can see how brilliant they are!

Jess met Chloe while they were both working alongside the School for Social Entrepreneurs supporting start ups in the South West and they knew there was a connection that went further than work. They both value colour, fun and adventure in the way they work…and their lives!