Some explanations….

In case you aren’t sure if we mean you

What’s a social change organisation?

We are talking about: social enterprises, small charities, not-for-profits, grass roots organisations, community groups, cooperatives, international development organisations, unincorporated associations, campaigners. We don’t mind how you self-identify as long as at your core you have a cause you believe in and that you think will help to make the world a better place. It does not have to be a HUGE step to making the world a better place because, even if it is a tiny little baby-step, they all join up to make a difference- a social change. 

What’s the social change sector?

Historically, the economy has been broken down into the ‘first’ or the private sector – which is ‘privately’ owned and profit motivated; the ‘second’ or the public sector – owned by the state; and the ‘third’ sector- the social economy, including a wide range of community, voluntary and not-for-profit activities i.e. the organisations we work with. However, we don’t agree with the term ‘third’ for the sector we work in and champion. It implies lesser, it implies as a society we will prioritise the others before this, which unsurprisingly has happened for centuries. So why not just use the social sector? Because we are creating CHANGE- changing people’s behaviour and the norm.

What do we mean by ‘doers’?

For every good leader there is an amazing team behind them, who often get overlooked when it comes to upskilling and support. We’re talking about those super organiser administrators, executive assistants, the fundraisers, the office managers, the delivery teams, the comms teams or those who do a little bit of everything to make sure the organisation keeps its doors open each day. They are getting the work done and making a difference- the doers. We want to support them too and bring more skilled ‘doers’ into the social change sector.