On the hunt for helping hands

As one of our long term aims we will be upskilling and connecting freelance ‘Helping Hands’ through training and support. These people will then share their own unique skills to the social change sector. So if you are looking for a career change or want a more flexible role to fit around other commitments. And you want to use your skills to help and support social change organisations but need some help to get started please do get in touch.

On the flipside if you are looking for people with specific skills for your organisation Reach out to us and we will see if we can connect you.


Watch this space for our free events bringing social leaders and doers together here in the South West!

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Who else could help?

Collaboration is key to driving the social change sector forward, so if we think someone is better suited to do a job than us we will tell you. If we think there is someone you should meet we will connect you.

Here are some of our friends who ‘just get it’ that we would highly recommend: